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Bold Believers Among China’s Uygurs

Bold Believers Among China’s Uygurs includes stories, history, culture facts, and activities that help children understand the daily lives of the Uygur people, who live mainly in northwest China. The 52-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

Powerful Love

(Source: The December 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Edited for length and clarity.)

[Photo: Syrian refugee women]

Iman felt that she was ugly. She had been burned in a kitchen fire, and her face was severely scarred. Her husband left her, and her children didn’t want to come near her because of the way she looked.

Iman had lived in Syria, but had become a refugee in Jordan during a war in Syria. (A refugee is someone who flees from one place to live in a safer place.) Like most Syrians, Iman was a Muslim. She had no help and support, and she felt ashamed of her scarred face.

Then a church in Jordan heard her story. A few women from the church visited her and brought her food. They embraced her and greeting her by kissing her on the cheek. “She thought nobody would ever want to look at her,” said a VOM worker. “These women just did the normal thing — and loved her. It was powerful.”

Iman was won over by the women’s show of Christian love. “Seeing what the gospel looks like, she responded to the gospel,” said the VOM worker. Iman is now an active member of that church.

To Talk About
*What does it mean that Iman “responded to the gospel”?
*Why did Iman respond to the gospel?
*Do you think Iman’s children felt differently toward her after the Christian women visited? How and why might their attitudes have changed?

Spotlight Story

This Month

Parents and Teachers
The December 2020 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs magazine features bold Christians around the world who continued to share God’s love in 2020 even while facing increased violence, the closing of churches, and coronavirus-related restrictions. “They just crank it up and find new ways,” said a VOM worker. The Christians creatively and carefully made the best use of COVID-19 lockdowns, and churches continued to grow and flourish in hard to reach places.

You may want to preview stories in the magazine before sharing them with children. Or enter the names of the featured countries in the Search box on this site, then pray with your kids for the people in the posted stories.

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Spotlight Story

Gifts To Inspire

The Voice of the Martyrs offers meaningful Christmas gifts for friends and family on your Christmas list.

Look in the November 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine or click here to find out how to order:

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*The Courageous Series six-book boxed children’s set
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*And additional books and study kits

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Activities Story

Make an Advent Prayer Train

30 mini raisin boxes, or other small boxes
Red and green acrylic paint
Glue (or tape)
Fine tip marker
Small photos of children from countries where Christians are persecuted from VOM publications or websites. (Or print and cut out the photos here.)

*Cut off the tops and flaps of 24 of the mini boxes.
*Paint 12 of the boxes red and 12 of them green.
*Paint three of the remaining whole boxes red and three green.
*Let dry, and repeat if necessary.
*Glue sides of the boxes together to make a train, alternating red and green boxes. (See the photo above.) Number the odd numbered boxes with the marker.
*Make a train engine, arranging the remaining boxes as shown in the photo, and number one of the engine boxes with a 25.

*Glue or tape photos of children on the front of the boxes that are not numbered. Write the name of a country where Christians are persecuted inside each box with a photo on it, or make small labels and attach them to the inside of the boxes. (See the photo.)

*Add candy canes or mini candy bars to the boxes if desired.

Starting on December 1st, pray every day until Christmas for children around the world, especially children in countries featured on the train boxes. You can find prayer suggestions in downloadable Bold Believers books here. You can also enter the name of a country in the Search box on this site to find stories and prayer needs for that country.

Share the treat in each box with someone, and encourage them to pray also.

Activities Story

Christmas ADVENTure

(From the Kids of Courage archives)

The Voice of the Martyrs received the following letter from a homeschooling family of nine in Texas.

“This year our family is celebrating Advent. We performed random acts of kindness each day of Advent. They were humble acts, and all the glory goes to God.

“We decided to do things that represent the miracles Jesus performed while He was on earth. For example, His first miracle was turning water to wine. So first we handed out water bottles and grape juice together. For healing miracles, on different days we handed out small first aid kits, hand sanitizer, tissues, and soup.

“Each day we had 25 to 50 bags to hand out. Each bag had a simple card in it that said, ‘This is a free gift. It represents a miracle that Jesus performed while here on earth. To learn more about this miracle, read [an appropriate Bible verse was given].’

“We handed them out at fast food restaurants, stores, gas stations, the mall. We had a variety of responses. Some people saw us and ran in the other direction. Some offered us money, even though we said it was free. A handful said they were not worthy of a free gift. But when we told them that it was for everyone, not just Christians, they changed. A few people said they had already accepted Christ and took the gift to give to someone else.

“I think the best part of this was seeing how my children responded to people ignoring them or saying no. It demonstrated how some people reject Christ’s free gift, and that it was hard to be rejected by people we didn’t know.”

To Think About: Can you think of a unique way to demonstrate Christ’s love to others at Christmastime?